NordVPN joins a list of VPN services that is withdrawing from India

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NordVPN is also withdrawing from India after the country introduced stricter data retention rules for VPN services. The company will shut down its servers in the country because it does not want to log data from its users for the Indian government.

NordVPN has no plans to adapt to the new law comply. The company tells TechCrunch that it does not keep logs of its customers and that won’t do either. Therefore, NordVPN will soon close its servers in India.

The servers will remain operational until June 26, after which time all Indian servers will be shut down. A day later, on June 27, the new rules will come into force in India. ExpressVPN and Surfshark previously decided to close their servers in India. PIA also announced his departure from India earlier this week.

The Indian government wants VPN services to keep logs of their customers and keep them for 180 days. The company must also record usernames, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, timestamps and user patterns and keep them for five years. The VPN services do not agree with this.

With the law, India says it wants to act against cybercrime. Businesses must be able to provide data from their customers to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team if requested.

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