Nokia and HTC sign patent agreement and end lawsuits

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Nokia and HTC have reached an agreement on the use of each other’s patents. At the same time, ongoing legal conflicts between the two parties have been concluded. Earlier, Google and Samsung already reached a solid agreement.

The news about the agreement was brought out by Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer states that all lawsuits with HTC regarding intellectual property infringement will be terminated immediately. Both parties conducted patent cases in several countries, with Nokia in particular pushing for a sales ban for HTC devices.

At the same time, Nokia and HTC license patents to each other. According to Nokia, it has been agreed, among other things, that HTC will pay a certain amount and license its patents in the field of 4G network technology lte. What the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer in return from Nokia was not disclosed: according to the latter, the precise details in the patent deal are not public. A patent agreement reduces the chance of future lawsuits regarding intellectual property infringement.

Recently, Google already concluded a similar agreement with Samsung. Both parties will also be given the opportunity to use each other’s patents, although the exact details are unclear here too. In addition, Google agreed a similar patent deal with Cisco, while Twitter and IBM also drew up a patent agreement. In recent years, many technology companies have filed patent infringement lawsuits.

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