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Noctua introduces all-black versions of NH-U9S and NH-D15S coolers

Noctua has released all-black versions of its NH-U9S and NH-D15S processor coolers. The CPU coolers cost 64.90 and 89.90 euros respectively. Noctua already launched a number of black processor coolers on the market last year.

Noctua is releasing the coolers in its series. The CPU coolers in that series have completely black heat fins and heat pipes. The supplied fans and mounting brackets are also colored black. Both coolers are otherwise identical to their version with brown color scheme. The Noctua NH-U9S is a relatively compact single-tower cooler that features a single 95mm fan and five heat pipes.

The Noctua NH-D15S is a larger dual tower cooler with a height of 165mm, just like the more expensive NH-D15. However, Noctua supplies a single fan with the S variant, where the regular NH-D15 is equipped with two fans as standard. A black version of the NH-D15 with two fans is already available. The company also shows brown vibration pads , which can be used to provide the black chromax fans with some color accents. Noctua previously released vibration pads with other colors.

Noctua processor coolers previously had a brown color scheme, although the company released three black coolers last year . More black coolers are planned; According to Noctua’s roadmap , the company will release variants of the NH-U12A cooler and the NF12x25 fan in the first quarter of 2021. During that period, the company also released a passive CPU cooler. The successor to the NH-D15 should appear on the market in the second half of 2021.

The new coolers and vibration pads will be available Wednesday through Amazon and Noctua’s own eBay store. The company reports that other stores will also receive stock ‘soon’.

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