Nirsoft adds file previews to Chrome Cache Viewer

ChromeCacheView is a handy software from Nirsoft that allows you to browse the cache of any Chromium-based browser on the Windows system it is running on. The program comes with presets to make browsing through caches of popular Chromium-based browsers more comfortable. Presets are available for Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, Yandex and Opera; any other Chromium-based browser must be selected manually.

One of the many great features of the application is the ability to filter files based on certain parameters. You can limit the listing to files of at least 1 Megabyte or files created in the last 12 hours.

Previews are not enabled by default but can be enabled by anyone with a click on View> Show Preview Window. The panel opens at the bottom and shows a preview of the selected cached file, provided the type is supported.

The preview function makes the distinction between files easier when using the application. It is still necessary to use the “open in folder” option to jump to the cache file if you want to copy it or otherwise process it, or use F4 to save the selection in a folder you need to select. A simpler storage option, which opens the folder browser right away, would improve the process. CLICK HERE to download this utility.