Nintendo worked on universal controller with a focus on accessibility

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Nintendo worked on a universal controller with accessibility features at least three years ago, Reggie Fils-Aime reveals. The former Nintendo of America CEO does not know if the controller is still being worked on.

The controller in question would have the Xbox Adaptive Controller as its starting point, says Fils-Aime opposite Inverse. “Imagine an adaptive controller that can play on the latest Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. We worked on that three years ago.” Fils-Aime was the COO of Nintendo of America from 2006 to 2019. With the aforementioned Xbox controller as a starting point, it’s likely that the never-released Nintendo controller would also have customizable buttons in some way, giving users with disabilities the ability to assemble their own controller.

Fils-Aime continues: “I hope that the development of this project has continued. My hope is that such a controller, including the function to work with a large number of systems, will come out soon. In my view, its [toegankelijkheidsproducten] which work best on all platforms and PC. These solutions must serve the player and be adaptable to the player’s physical capabilities.”

The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows users to connect a variety of accessories to the controller to build their own controller that matches the player’s physical requirements. Image through Microsoft

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