Niantic cancels Pokémon Go event due to coronavirus

Niantic has canceled a Pokémon Go event in Italy, South Korea, and Japan. In doing so, it probably wants to contribute to contain the spread of the corona virus. During the event, players can catch special Pokémon.

In a short message on Twitter, Niantic .’s support department know that the event in question, called Nidorino and Gengar Raid Day, has been canceled in the countries of Italy, South Korea and Japan. The event, which will be held on Sunday afternoon, allowed players to do a raid where they can capture special versions of Nidorino and Gengar. The event is part of Pokémon Day, the annual event that commemorates the first release of a Pokémon game in 1996.

Although there are no further details, Niantic probably wants to take measures against the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Pokémon Go players gather in certain areas to play the game, which may encourage further dispersal.