This is the new super fast Mercedes Safety Car for the F1

The new F1 season has just started and you may have noticed something: the new Safety Car. The Safety Car in the F1 must be able to go faster and faster because the racing cars are also getting faster. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has done a lot of work this year. This AMG GT R is a monster with 577 horsepower and replaces the SLS AMG that had to keep the Formula 1 cars behind. It is already the eleventh car that fulfils that role since the Safety Car was introduced in 1996.

To ensure safety, such a car is equipped with all kinds of communication systems: there are top of the line radio systems, fully integrated iPads are installed in the car and the Safety Car even has an in-car WLAN hotspot to ensure that there is always a way to communicate with the race management.
In addition, of course, it goes just too terribly hard. It does not always seem that way because you have about twenty urgent F1 cars behind it, but the Safety Car has to be able to drive hard enough that the tires of the cars do not cool down and so you need that 577 hp. Then you are at a top speed of 318 kilometres per hour and that seems only slow.
Bernd Mayländer, who has been a driver of the Safety Car for many years, can now get back to work. Together with his co-driver Richard Darker, the two will be able to crack even harder over the circuits with their four-litre V8 with the dual turbo. Hopefully, they do not have to get too much into action: every time they race the tires under the car, something else has broken.