New possibilities Microsoft Ads

This quarter is a very important quarter for retail! Holidays alternate at a rapid pace and as a retailer you want to be clearly visible during this period. With the current measures regarding Corona, your online visibility is even more important than usual. Corona has given e-commerce an even bigger boost.

Reason for Microsoft Ads to come up with new features within their advertising platform to give advertisers extra exposure within the search engine Bing. I recently attended a webinar from Microsoft and in this article I will take you through these extra features!

Targeting options

Within Microsoft Ads there are already many possibilities to target your ads specifically to your target group. In addition to the well-known possibilities, such as on location, specific device or day of the week, Microsoft will soon also add these options:

  • Targeting based on income
  • Targeting on in-market audiences

Targeting based on in-market audiences means that Microsoft creates various audiences based on various factors (such as your search behavior). For example, an in-market audience in which people display the behavior that suits someone who is going to move. Suppose you have products or services that suit someone who is moving, you can add them as a target group to your campaigns to offer something extra (and therefore be more visible).

Expanded product ads carousel

The advantage for you as an advertiser? More impressions at the same cost! Because where you may previously missed an impression because only 5 items were visible, many more items will be immediately visible. More chance of a click and sale!

Smart Shopping campaigns

Already known by the big brother Google , but not yet available in Microsoft Ads are the so-called smart shopping campaigns. Smart shopping campaigns are aimed at automating advertisements and bidding and displaying advertisements from a campaign across multiple networks/channels.

In this case, smart means that you advertise based on an automated bidding strategy, so not with manual CPC, for example, but with a set ROAS target. This gives Microsoft the freedom to more or less take over the campaign and let it go ahead. So you no longer determine what your bid is on a keyword or on which channel you want to be shown. Microsoft is taking that liberty because they claim they can do this better than you, with their machine learning. Sounds good, as long as the returns are good. Pay attention to this!

Merchant Center Import

Microsoft already offers the possibility to import your Google campaigns into Microsoft Ads. But now there is also the option to import your product feed from your Google Merchant Center into the Microsoft Merchant Center. This saves an action and makes it even easier to promote your shopping campaigns via Bing!

Deploy Microsoft Ads

If you are unsure whether advertising in Bing is also interesting for your company because the share in the Netherlands is not that large? Then read this article with 5 reasons to advertise on Bing.

Have you already encountered these new possibilities? Do you want to be the first to use this for your business? Then you know where to find me!