Overwatch wants to reduce wait times by rewarding less popular roles

Overwatch is getting a system to make games start faster, especially for the popular role of damage heroes. This should be achieved by rewarding players who queue up for all reels with Priority Passes.

The solution is called Priority Pass. In this system, the player is actually asked to be flexible by playing a game via the flex queue . With this you indicate as a player that you are open to play any role: tank, damage or support. The game director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, the light renewal in a developer update .

Players playing through this flex queue can earn Priority Passes, up to a maximum of 40. These can then be used to get a game served much faster, even if the popular role of damage-hero is specifically chosen, a category whose waiting times are relatively long. The Priority passes can also be earned by winning games.

Kaplan thinks that this will reward players who choose the flex queue and that this will make joining a queue of game rounds better for everyone. The Priority Pass system is currently not available yet; it will be coming to the public testing server first soon.

Such a system is not an unnecessary luxury in Overwatch. Waiting times have lengthened since the introduction of the Role Queue feature in the summer of last year. With this feature, players can choose whether they want to work as a tank, support or damage hero. The matchmaking system then links two tank, support, and damage heroes together to form a team. This has led to more balanced team compositions, as well as longer waiting times, especially for the popular damage-hero role.