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Netflix tests with advertising – so you look undisturbed again

Netflix is ​​experimenting with ads. Viewers across the world are shown between two series episodes by watching a promo video. And to say the least, not everyone has served that. For now you can fortunately prevent these ads from being shown.

Worldwide test

With the promo videos, Netflix wants to point the viewer to other series and films that suit his or her viewing habits. The extent of the test is not known, but it is already being complained about. Not surprising, because one of the big advantages of Netflix is ​​that you will not be bothered by advertisements.

Disable Netflix advertising

For the time being, you can come out under the commercials, through Netflix indicate that you never want to take part in this type of test. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Open and log in if necessary.
  • Turn off the switch behind “I want to participate in tests and previews”, and tap on ‘Done’.

Netflix is ​​again advertising free. For a moment, at least. Should the test be successful in the eyes of Netflix, then there is no escaping and everyone will see the ads. Hopefully, Netflix will realize that their customers really prefer to undisturbed their favorite series.

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