‘Netflix subscription with ads doesn’t show ads in certain content’

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Netflix may have decided that it will not show ads on certain movies and series, including on its upcoming ad subscription. Anonymous sources report this to Bloomberg news agency.

According to Bloomberg This includes TV programs for children. This applies to children’s content produced by Netflix itself and to children’s series that the company offers under license on its platform. “Certain studios” that have granted rights to children’s programs to Netflix would not allow the service to display advertisements. The company has also decided that its Netflix Originals films must remain ad-free, at least initially, the news agency reported.

Netflix is ​​currently still working on the final details of its advertising strategy. The company is also said to be in negotiations with major film studios, such as Sony, Paramount and Warner Bros. Not all studios would allow ads under current licenses with Netflix. The streaming service would like to enter into new agreements and pay between 10 and 15 percent of its advertising revenues to the studios, Bloomberg writes. The company previously confirmed that not all movies and series on the platform will also be available for the subscription with ads.

Netflix has been working on a subscription with ads for some time. The company made this official earlier this year. That subscription should be cheaper than the current ad-free subscriptions that the company offers and will appear early next year. The streaming service does that to gain more customers, because its number of subscribers is stalling. Competitor Disney+ is also working on a subscription with advertisements.

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