HBO shares first images of The Last of Us TV series

HBO has shared the first images of its The Last of Us television series. The streaming service published images of Joel and Ellie in a short trailer. The series is expected next year and then appears on HBO Max.

HBO shows the images at the end of an overview of series that will come to streaming service HBO Max in the near future. The Last of Us trailer lasts approximately 20 seconds and features images fans of the game will recognize. The trailer also shows a glimpse of Nick Offerman, who plays Bill in the series. Offerman is known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreations.

The Last of Us television series was already announced in 2020. The series is based on the PlayStation game of the same name and was shot in Canada. Last year it was announced that Pedro Pascal will take on the role of Joel. Pascal is known for, among others, The Mandalorian and Narcos. Bella Ramsey, who previously played Lyanna Mormont on HBO’s Game of Thrones, plays Ellie. The series is expected in 2023, but has no concrete release date yet. The first season will have ten episodes.