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Netflix offers cheaper subscriptions in some countries with only mobile streaming

Netflix has started offering subscriptions in some countries, allowing users to only stream mobile. In exchange, the subscription costs half of the current ‘Basic’ subscription.

That ‘Mobile Only’ subscription does not work in the Benelux, but as that would be the case, the price would be around 4 euros per month. The price in Malaysia is 17 ringgit per month, where the Basic subscription amounts to 33 ringgit per month, reports The Star a newspaper in that country. For that amount, Netflix works with one stream at a time and not in HD.

The step is logical in countries where a smartphone is the only or primary way to view video or go on the internet. That is so in large parts of the world, including many African and Asian countries. Netflix had said earlier to look for cheaper subscriptions for Asian countries.

It is unknown if and when Netflix will offer the ‘Mobile Only’ option in more countries. Netflix now has four subscriptions in many countries.

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