Nearly thirty million euros stolen in hack on crypto currency exchange Bitpoint

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has been hacked. Nearly 30 million euros were stolen in the theft, in both bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Bitpoint has temporarily suspended all trading.

In the hack, 3.5 billion yen in crypto coins was stolen, converted 28.8 million euros. About twenty million euros came from customers of the exchange. Bitpoint itself owned the rest of the amount, Bloomberg reports.

It is not clear how the hack could have happened. According to the exchange, the bitcoins disappeared from wallets stored at the exchange. Bitpoint has stopped buying and selling digital coins with immediate effect. It is also temporarily not possible to deposit or withdraw money. Not only were bitcoins stolen during the theft, but also Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Bitpoint also traded Ether and Litecoin, but it is not clear whether those were stolen as well.

The hack appears to have little impact on the cryptocurrency price for the time being. It will remain the same as previous days. That has been different; in previous hacks on, for example, the South Korean Coinrail last year, the price of bitcoin fell sharply.