Musician Beck releases thirteen music videos based on NASA footage

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American artist Beck, in collaboration with NASA and Osk Studio, has released thirteen music videos that use images from the American space agency. According to the makers, the images have been manipulated with artificial intelligence.

The project has been published under the name Hyperspace: AI Exploration. It concerns thirteen music videos that were made for Beck’s album Hyperspace, released last year. The productions have been realized in collaboration with NASA and the accompanying website provides information about the music and the videos, but also about the planets and galaxies that are the subject of the images.

The videos have themes such as the sun, moon, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, the Milky Way and black holes. The visualizations used images from associated NASA missions, taken by the Hubble telescope, the International Space Station, Mars rover Curiosity, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, among others.

Osk Studio turned the NASA footage into visualizations. The makers talk about a project that combines data and music, using artificial intelligence. The artists do not provide substantive details about how artificial intelligence was used to make the video clips. The thirteen music videos can be viewed on a Hyperspace website and in a playlist on YouTube.

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