Mushkin introduces Reactor SSD with 1TB capacity

Mushkin has announced the Reactor SSD with a storage capacity of 1TB. Mushkin’s solid state drive is equipped with a SATA-600 interface and is said to achieve sequential read speeds of up to 560MB/s.

The Reactor comes in a 2.5″ housing and is equipped with an SM2246EN controller from Silicon Motion, a 1GB DDR3 cache and 1TB MLC memory. According to Mushkin, the 1TB SSD can provide sequential read and write speeds of up to respectively achieve 560 and 460MB/s over the sata-600 interface.

The Reactor can achieve 74,000 iops on random 4k reads and 76,000 on writes, Mushkin claims. The SSD would also consume very little power in standby thanks to the DevSleep mode, although the company does not release any figures on this. The SSD also supports trim and secure erase.

It is unclear when exactly the Reactor SSD will come on the market. Mushkin has not yet officially announced prices, but Computerbase reports that the SSD has surfaced at online stores for approximately 360 euros.