Mozilla uses WebRender with Firefox Nightly

Mozilla has started using WebRender with the Nightly version of its Firefox browser. The graphical renderer for the Servo browser engine is currently only used in combination with Windows 10 and an Nvidia GPU

Moreover, WebRender works with Firefox Nightly only with Nvidia desktop cards and not on laptops. According to developer Jeff Muizelaar of Mozilla is still about 17 percent of the users of Nightly. Mozilla has already been testing WebRender with the Nightly builds since July, but with a limited group of users. On other platforms, except Android, WebRender can already be enabled via the gfx.webrender.all setting.

WebRender is a completely new graphics renderer for the Servo engine, which has to render web content as if it were a game -engine. For example, rasterization should be done as much as possible by the GPU. According to Mozilla, the advantage is that an increase in the use of the gpu can relieve the cpu, so that it can spend more time on, for example, the processing of JavaScript.

In addition, GPU’s are better equipped for processing at high resolution, which is necessary the increase of, for example, 4k screens. In addition, there are advantages in the field of multithreading.

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