Mozilla pulls Firefox Reality browser from app stores and transfers development

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Mozilla is discontinuing Firefox Reality, a browser the organization developed for virtual reality and augmented reality. Mozilla directs users to Wolvic, a browser based on Firefox Reality source code, which will be available next week.

In the coming weeks, Mozilla will remove Firefox Reality from the various app stores that offer the browser for VR and AR applications. The organization announced Firefox Reality in 2018. Mozilla does not mention a reason for stopping the browser. Mozilla does report that for some of the techniques it initiates, it is looking for communities and organizations where projects can grow further, citing WebAssembly, Rust and Servo as examples.

The company Igalia takes over the development of the browser and will make its version available from next week under the name Wolvic. The beta version will initially be available through Huawei’s AppGallery and Meta’s Oculus Quest Store. The company is initially targeting availability on standalone AOSP and Harmony OS systems such as Oculus headsets, the Huawei VR Glass and HTC Vive Focus. Igalia hopes to continue working with Qualcomm and Lenovo to get the browser working on their mixed reality systems.

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