EA is studying options to offer virtual reality gaming

EA has indicated that it is looking at possibilities to support gaming via virtual reality. The company states that it does not yet have well-defined plans, but has already started devising game concepts.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson made the announcement during a panel session at the SXSW meeting. According to the CEO, there is a need among gamers to play games via virtual reality and his team must look for ways to offer this gaming experience. However, the company was unable to present concrete plans, which means that there will probably be no EA-released virtual reality games in the short term.

According to Wilson, research needs to be done first into how gamers experience games via virtual reality. It is therefore not yet known which hardware will be supported: it may be VR glasses, but holograms are also being considered.

Several manufacturers have started offering virtual reality hardware. The best known is probably the VR glasses Oculus Rift, which can recently be used for games on Steam. Sony is said to be working on a competing model that it plans to present for the PlayStation 4 this month, rumor has it.