More than 1 billion downloads for Pokémon Go

It is only a few weeks after the third birthday of Pokémon Go but maker Niantic still has a nice birthday present from the fans. The number of downloads of the game has risen to great heights: no less than 1 billion times the game has been downloaded in the Play Store and App Store.

The hype

That’s a lot of downloads, but that doesn’t mean that there are so many players. In any case, a lot of people switched phones during those three years, but it is also not about active users. That is probably a lot less. Although this will still be a bizarre large number.

The augmented reality game has won the most downloads (500 million) in the first months after release. On the other hand, it makes it special that it was able to climb to an extremely high number of one billion years later. Certainly now that Niantic’s successor Wizards Unite has only been out for a few months.

Wizards Unite

That Harry Potter-themed game is considerably less popular. Probably because is not as easily accessible as Pokémon Go, but possibly also because Pokémon Go players prefer not to start all the way back to 0, so they prefer to bend over the little monsters instead of Harry’s haunts Potter.

Pokémon Go is still going well. This is also noticeable by the fact that the game is still being supplied with new content. Consider, for example, the introduction of Team Rocket and Shadow Pokémon. The gameplay is also sometimes improved, which makes it more pleasant to play than its successor. The game has also brought in a lot of money. It is estimated that the game has already raised around 2.5 billion dollars worldwide. That is more than Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga.