Network Connections is a simple and powerful app which you can use to see the live networking activities on your phone. With this, you can easily track which app is using how much data. And to use this app, there is no need to create an account. Just get this app from Play Store and then start using it. It shows the current live connection on the main screen. You can see the status of connection and bytes of data transmitted and received as well.

Next, you can switch to the “Connection Log” section to see the list of apps that were doing some internet activities. Here you can sort the list of apps by their activity, package name, and last seen. And here you can click any app to see the internet connection details in more depth. It will show the IP address, its location and whether it’s malicious.

Network Connections is a simple, yet powerful app which you can use on your phone to see the live network activities. You can see to which location and IP address an app is connected to and see the data usage as well. And there are some nice features in the app that you will like. And when you want the data then you can simply export that and share that with anyone you want.