Mojang Studios releases Ice Age DLC for Minecraft

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Minecraft is getting Ice Age DLC based on the animated movies of the same name. The DLC allows players to take on the guise of thirty Ice Age characters and figures. In addition, the expansion includes several locations from the movies.

The DLC is available through the Minecraft Marketplace and adds the well-known characters such as the saber-toothed tiger and mammoth to the game. A trailer shows how several well-known locations from the animated films have been brought to the game.

Mojang Studios releases crossovers for Minecraft more often. Recently, another crossover with Angry Birds appeared. Like this pack, the Ice Age pack is made by 4J Studios, which develops skins and other DLC for Minecraft.

In addition to the paid updates, free updates are also still being released for Minecraft. Last year, Mojang Studios released the Caves & Cliffs update. Last week, two new biomes were announced for the Wild Update, which comes out on June 7.

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