MMD releases Philips 27″ monitors with 1080p resolution and 165Hz

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MMD releases three monitors for suggested retail prices between 269 and 299 euros. It concerns two monitors with a VA panel and one monitor with an IPS panel. It concerns 27″ screens with a 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 165Hz.

The type designations are 27M1N3200VA, 27M1N3200VS and 27M1N3200ZA. The latter is the version with an IPS panel. These 27″ displays are identical in many ways. They all have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 165Hz, a specified gray-to-gray response time of 4ms and support for Adative Sync from VESA. The maximum brightness is 250cd/m² The contrast ratio is 3000:1 for the models with VA panel and 1100:1 for the IPS version.

In terms of design, the monitors are largely the same. A difference in this area is visible with the standard. Only the 27M1N3200VA and 27M1N3200ZA have a swivel base and the ability to adjust the screen up to 130mm in height; on the 27M1N3200VS, the screen can only be tilted. Furthermore, all monitors have a mode to limit the amount of blue light and a function to regulate the brightness and reduce flicker.

MMD will launch the two Philips monitors with VA panel this month. The 27M1N3200VS will have a suggested retail price of 269 euros, while the 27M1N3200VA will be 10 euros more expensive. The Philips 27M1N3200ZA has a suggested retail price of 299 euros and will be released in March.

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