Mixpanel: people started doing less on Facebook last year

Users have started posting, liking or responding to fewer posts on Facebook in the past year. That is what Mixpanel claims, a company that keeps track of statistics. Use is said to have fallen by 20 percent in a year.

According to figures published by The Guardian newspaper, usage was roughly stable from January this year to April, when the measurement ends. Before that, it had a dip. A downward trend is visible in the past year, although the figures do not make it clear how this figure has fluctuated in recent years.

Facebook actually mentioned an increase in the number of daily and monthly users of the service in its quarterly figures. The number of daily users increased by 8 percent to 1.56 billion, according to the company. That can be reconciled, according to The Guardian, if more people look at Facebook every day, but fewer people do something.

The newspaper links it to the privacy scandals surrounding Facebook, such as Cambridge Analytica last year. The Guardian and Mixpanel don’t mention why more people look at Facebook every day, while making fewer posts, liking or commenting. The figures are only about the Facebook service itself and not about Instagram or WhatsApp.