Microsoft wants to improve boot performance of xaml apps Windows 11 by 2022

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Microsoft will focus next year on improving the performance of UWP-xaml applications on Windows 11. The company said during a question session on Reddit. Work will mainly be done on startup performance, Microsoft reports.

Microsoft answers a question from a Reddit user who claims to be experiencing slow UI elements of apps running on Windows 11 with xaml. Even though the company says it will address the startup performance issues of those apps in 2022, its focus will not be on the performance of the UI elements. “After the framework is loaded, the UI elements are currently rendering reasonably fast, but if there are any specific scaling/slowness issues, we can look at the specific scenario,” Microsoft said.

The company recommends that users with performance issues report them to the Feedback Hub. There they have to choose the appropriate subcategory under ‘Desktop environment’ and then tick ‘Capture data about performance’. This allows users to send a screenshot in which they reconstruct the problem. Microsoft does not disclose when exactly it plans to improve performance. It may do so with the next Windows 11 feature update, which will be released in the second half of 2022.

Update, Tuesday, November 30, 9:15 AM: A previous version of the article did not state that this is specifically about the startup performance of xaml apps. The article has been edited to make this clear.

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