Microsoft to supply 120,000 Hololens copies to US military

Microsoft will supply 120,000 copies of a modified version of the HoloLens 2 to the US military. That’s what Microsoft and the military have announced. Soldiers should be able to see better in the dark with the AR headset.

The AR headset should also make soldiers in the Close Combat Force more aware of their entire environment, the army says. Microsoft and the military call the military’s HoloLens system an Integrated Visual Augmentation System, IVAS. It is a modified version of the headset that has been available for all companies for some time.

Microsoft isn’t releasing details on what’s changed, but the mention of night vision indicates that the glasses are equipped with an infrared camera to help you see more in the dark. Microsoft and the military have been working together for a few years now.

In addition to scanning the environment, the glasses have another application. The headset must be able to estimate a soldier’s health status based on at least breathing rate. In addition, the headset should protect against hearing damage and monitor whether the wearer suffers a concussion, according to the announcement in 2018. The contract for Microsoft is worth a total of $ 22 billion.