Valve releases app to stream Steam games to Android and iOS devices

Valve will release the Steam Link app for Android and iOS in two weeks. The app makes it possible to stream games from a PC with Steam to mobile devices or, for example, an Apple TV.

The devices must be connected to the same network as the PC that Steam is on, and in the case of wireless networks, it must be a 5GHz network. It is therefore not possible to stream games on the road or at another location.

The Steam Link app makes it possible to stream games on Steam to set-top boxes such as the Apple TV or the Nvidia Shield TV, or to TVs that can be installed with Android apps. Valve’s own physical Steam Link box is then no longer necessary.

The app also makes it possible to stream Steam games to smartphones and tablets. The app supports the Steam Controller on both Android and iOS. There is also support for other controllers approved by Apple.

Valve says in the announcement that the Steam Link app will be released the week of May 21. The Android version will initially be a beta. Later in the summer, Valve will also release the Steam Video app. It is intended to stream videos that are on Steam to Android and iOS devices. With the video app it is possible to stream over mobile connections or other WiFi networks.