Microsoft shows Spotify integration in Windows 11 focus function

Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay teased an upcoming feature of Windows 11 called Focus Sessions. It appears to be integrated into the Windows 11 clock and offers Spotify integration for sessions with and without music.

According to Panay Focus Sessions will soon come to the test version of Windows 11. He speaks of a game changer, ‘especially with Spotify integration’. The accompanying teaser video shows that Focus Sessions is integrated into the Windows 11 clock app and offers the possibility to set tasks.

Users can set certain times to complete the tasks and stop the music during those sessions. Judging by the visuals, the feature offers Spotify integration to directly select the music to play or not. More details are not yet known about the feature. For example, it is not known whether music services other than Spotify can also be integrated with Focus Sessions. Brandon LeBlanc from the Windows team confirms that the feature will soon be coming to Windows Insiders, who are running test versions of Windows 11.

Windows 10 already has a focus-focused feature called Focus Assist. Allows users to disable notifications for a specified period of time.