Microsoft shows new Windows 11 media player

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Microsoft has shown the design of its revamped media player app. The tech giant was showing a video of other Windows 11 features, but did not put that video in fullscreen, so the interface was visible.

The image of the media player, which is simply called Media Player, may be a bit confusing. Within the media player, a video from a Windows 11 desktop is played, but it is the dark bar at the bottom of the image. It shows the time bar, with control buttons below it. In addition to the standard functions, buttons for shuffle, repeat, 10 seconds back, 30 seconds forward, subtitles and picture-in-picture can be seen.

The current media player for Windows 10 also includes a video library where users can rent and buy movies and series. That is why the app is also called Movies & TV. That part of the app is not shown in the Microsoft stream, so whether it will return in Windows 11 immediately is not clear. Perhaps this new app will also serve as the music player; with Windows 10 that is still the separate app Groove Music.

In the livestream, Microsoft also talked about Windows 11’s widgets, the Snipping Tool, Paint, photo editing app and clock with concentration functions. The Media Player was shown with the latter. Windows 11 will officially be released on October 5, but is also already available to everyone through the public member of the Windows 10 Insider program. The Media Player shown here is not yet included.

Video starts the moment the Media Player comes into view

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