Microsoft services get universal search function

Microsoft announces Microsoft Search. The company wants to give ‘search’ a more prominent place in its services and offer a comparable, extended functionality in Office 365, Windows, Bing and other products.

Microsoft Search should not only answer questions, but also personal offer suggestions and make actions on tasks possible, the company reports. Even without search terms, the search service shows which documents a person works and with which people the user often shares files. If a user is logged in to Office 365, this also works with Bing, Edge and Windows. For example, a search in Word or Windows can provide a presentation that the user is working on.

Microsoft gives the search bar a prominent and consistent place in its programs, including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. On both the desktop and mobile, the search bar gets the same positions with these services. In addition, the user can use the bar for the operation of the services. For example, entering ‘acc’ in Word shows the functions Accept Revision and Accessibility Checker, so that the user no longer has to call them up via the toolbar.

Initially the company integrates Microsoft Search in, Office. com and the mobile SharePoint and Outlook apps. In the first half of 2019 it also comes to Office and Windows 10.


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