Former CEO Google: internet splits into Chinese and non-Chinese version

The internet will split into a version for China in the next ten to fifteen years and a version for all other countries worldwide, thinks Eric Schmidt. Schmidt was Google’s director for years.

The second internet would then be a China-led Internet, but it would not be limited to China, Schmidt said in a private meeting for investors last week in San Francisco, writes CNBC . “Globalization means that they (China) can also play in. I think you will see fantastic leadership in products and services from China There is a real danger that together with these products and services a different regime in the field of leadership from the government comes, with censorship and control. ”

Schmidt points to the Gordel and Weginitiative, in which the Chinese government tries to influence other countries by intensifying investments and trade. This also involves digital trade.

It is not known how Schmidt would envisage a split between the two ‘Internets’ and whether this is, for example, a physical splitting of the networks. Schmidt was director of Google from 2001 to 2011.


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