Microsoft says it has a fix for password problem Windows 10 version 2004

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Microsoft says it has a solution to the problems with passwords not wanting to be saved in browsers and other applications on Windows 10 version 2004. The fix should be introduced in an upcoming patch, but when is unknown.

According to, the problem occurs with browsers such as Edge and Chrome, but OneDrive and Outlook also in some cases do not want to remember that they are logged in somewhere. The problem seems to lie with the task ‘HP Customer participation utility task’, Microsoft said on a support page. There it also describes a workaround that involves stopping one or more background tasks.

The problem probably started to occur in May, at the time of the release of the May 2020 Update. Acknowledgment of the issue followed in November with the support page, and Microsoft announced on December 18 that it has a fix for the issue. It is not yet known when it will come, but the users in ‘the latest Windows 10 Insider channel’ already have it, says Eric Lawrence, Principal Program Manager of Microsoft’s web platform. He also states that a relatively small number of users have the bug.

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