Microsoft presents modular Xbox controller for the disabled

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Microsoft has announced its Xbox Adaptive Controller. The flat controller is intended for users who cannot handle a normal controller due to a physical limitation and can be expanded with all kinds of accessories.

The flat controller has two large flat programmable buttons, but on the back is also a whole row of 3.5mm connections, where separate third-party accessories can be connected to simulate buttons. This makes it possible to connect personalized controllers and buttons, which can be operated with a foot or mouth, for example.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is suitable for the Xbox One console, but can also be used in combination with a PC. Microsoft developed the hardware in collaboration with organizations such as the AbleGamers Charity and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Microsoft has also involved disabled gamers in the development.

It is possible to use the Adaptive Controller in conjunction with a regular controller with the already existing copilot function. Two controllers are linked into one virtual copy and two players can control a game together.

Microsoft will sell the Xbox Adaptive Controller for $100 later this year. A euro price has not yet been announced. The company has put an extensive blog online with stories from disabled gamers and examples of how the controller can be used.

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