Microsoft Office gets support for Frisian spell check

Microsoft has added support for the Frisian language to Microsoft Office. Word, Excel and PowerPoint get a Frisian spell check so that texts are checked automatically in future.

It is only about the spell check, not about the texts in the applications themselves such as menus. The Frisian spell checker can be used in Office 2013 or higher since Friday. The official addition was officially presented in the provincial government building in Leeuwarden. Microsoft says support will also be coming to Office for macOS later this year.

Microsoft announced earlier this year that it would add support for Frisian. The company collaborated with the province and with the Fryske Akademy, a foundation that is committed to research into Frisian. The province also wants to talk to other tech companies such as Apple to add Frisian as a spell checker to software. That already happens in apps like Google Translate or SwiftKey. There was also a separate plugin available for Office, but users had to download it themselves. Now it’s natively in the software.