Microsoft adds clock to Windows 11 taskbar on additional screens

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Microsoft has released a new test version of Windows 11. One of the changes is that the taskbar will display the time and date on additional screens, just like on the primary screen. The update also contains the necessary fixes.

If you use Windows 11 in a multi-monitor setup, you will only see the clock and date on the taskbar of the primary screen. Microsoft is now changing that. With build version 22000.526 of Windows 11, which Microsoft is releasing to Windows Insiders running the OS in the Beta and Release Preview Channels, when connecting multiple monitors, toolbars immediately show the time and date. This expansion was previously released on the Dev Channel in December.

Microsoft shows the local weather on the left side of the taskbar in the test version when it is centered. When a user moves their mouse pointer over the weather display, the widget bar appears on the left side of the screen. Also new is that users can mute and unmute conversations via Teams directly from the taskbar. The other changes of Windows 11 mainly concern bug fixes.

Insider users running Windows 11 in the Dev Channel will have to wait another week before they get a new release. Last week, Microsoft delayed that release by a week due to quality issues. This week, the company reports that the irregularities haven’t been ironed out yet

There is no option by default to show the time and date on multiple taskbars in Windows 11.

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