SpaceX expects to launch Starship into orbit in ‘few months’

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk expects to launch the Starship rocket into orbit in March “or in a few months.” He is still awaiting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. Last November, Musk said he hopes to launch the rocket in January.

Musk aims to have the missile ready at the same time as FAA approval comes, “or in a few months.” That FAA approval is expected in March. Should the FAA require more information about the potential impact on the environment, the launches could be moved to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This could also happen if lawsuits surface over the launch. Should the Starship rocket indeed have to move to Florida, Musk warns that this could delay the launch by more than six months, ABC News writes.

In November last year, Musk said he plans to launch the rocket in January. This fell through due to lack of approval from the FAA. Musk then warned that the initial launch may not be an immediate success and there are many risks involved. Musk repeated that warning on Thursday. That is why SpaceX will not transport people yet at the first launches, but only cargo as Starlink satellites.

Starship is to be used for missions to the Moon and Mars. NASA hopes to be able to land people on the moon with Starship in 2025 and Musk wants to build a city on Mars with Starship. The rockets would then be used to transport people and goods.

While the first launches will be from bases in Florida and Texas, Musk believes they could do so from floating ocean platforms in the future. Ultimately, three Starships must be launched each day, with a launch costing less than $10 million. A Starship rocket would hold up to 100 people.

The video starts with Musk’s answer about when the first Starship launch is expected.

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