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Malwarebytes update fixes freeze issue on Windows 7 PCs

Malwarebytes has released an update to the company’s security software for Windows – called Malwarebytes – that solves a problem that completely fills the system (crash) in certain situations on Windows 7 devices.

Malwarebytes confirmed the freeze problem on 7 January on the official support forum. The company showed that Malwarebytes 3.6.1 CU 1.0.508 Premium was affected by the problem, but only on devices with Windows 7 and processors with multiple cores; previous versions of the security software were not affected.

Users reported occasional lock-ups and freezes on affected systems with no option to restore the system.

The company then published temporary solutions: the two suggestions were to return to a previous version of Malwarebytes or disable the Web Protection function of the software.

The current component update of 3.6.1 version 1.0.527 fixes the problem.

This new package resolves a reported freeze on Windows 7 computers that is related to Web Protection on multi-core processor configurations.

Malwarebytes users should receive the update automatically if automatic updates are enabled in the program (which is the default). Users can manually check for updates to download and install the latest component version on the local system if the PC is affected by the problem.

The software program offers various options for checking for updates. Users can select the “current” link next to updates on the dashboard, but they may not install the component upgrade. I tried to do this on a Windows 10 PC and Malwarebytes did not get the update.

You must select Settings> Application and click the “Install Application Updates” button there to install the component update on the system.

Requires the component update that is already available to be installed. Malwarebytes states that the update resets the freeze problem on PCs with Windows 7.

Malwarebytes did not perform well in the latest AV-test (the first time the software was tested by the organization). I recently removed Malwarebytes Premium from a device because it caused all sorts of problems, for example, slow motion.

Malwarebytes recently acquired Windows Firewall Control a popular Windows firewall program.

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