Make a fun slow motion video

Making a slow-motion video really is such a feature that can produce hilarious results. Yet it is often overlooked. A shame, because by dwelling on the small movements and playing the time slower, as it were, something beautiful almost always appears. The flutter of a bird, a wet dog shaking itself out, a child happily whizzing down the slide. This is how you make a slow-motion recording on the iPhone.

Record video

  • Open the Camera app and swipe right until you reach slow motion mode. In this mode, the camera shoots extra frames per second.
  • Tap the top right to choose between 120 or 240 frames per second. The iPhone plays video at 30 frames per second. If you choose 120 frames per second, you can play the images at a quarter of the actual speed. At 240, it becomes a whopping one-eighth of the actual speed.
  • Tap the red shutter button to start recording. This works the same as recording a regular video. When the moment is right, tap the shutter button again to stop recording.

Slow motion editing

After recording, you can specify exactly when the slow motion effect should start and end. That’s how you do that:

  • Open Photos, select the video and tap “Edit” in the top right.
  • Two bars – a kind of timeline – appear below the video. In the top one you shorten the video by dragging the handles on the sides of the bar.
  • For the delay, go to the second bar. Where the lines are farther apart, the video plays slowed down. You determine this very precisely by dragging the two longest lines.
  • When you are satisfied, tap “Done”. Via “Save as new clip” a new video is added to your library. Via “Save video” you apply the changes to the current video.