MacOS Monterey comes out next Monday

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Apple will make macOS Monterey available to users of systems that support the operating system starting next Monday. Monterey is the codename of macOS 12, the successor to macOS 11 aka Big Sur.

Mac computer users eligible for an update to macOS 12 Monterey will be able to install it starting October 25. The operating system was out in public beta as early as July, and developers could try the OS as early as June, from the start of the WWDC event.

Not every Mac that was able to install version 11 Big Sur can upgrade to version 12 Monterey. For example, a MacBook Air from 2015 or newer is required, as well as a MacBook Pro from that year or later. Not all Mac minis can transfer either: they must be at least from the end of 2014.

Among other things, the update brings the Safari browser to version number 15. This gives the browser an even more minimalist design and support for grouping tabs. Furthermore, FaceTime now supports blurred backgrounds. SharePlay will be released later this fall, allowing you to watch or listen to content with others via FaceTime on the Mac. Universal Control provides the ability to use a Mac’s keyboard and mouse or touchpad on another Apple device within a few feet. There is also Airplay, for displaying content from Apple devices on screens of a Mac device with Monterey.

You can read more about the features of macOS 12 in our previously published preview: Apple macOS Monterey, Especially for the M1 user.

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