Maastricht UMC closes outpatient clinics due to major IT failure

The university hospital in Maastricht has been struggling with a major IT failure since Thursday morning. Due to the outage, the outpatient clinics are closed and the hospital is difficult to reach. It is still unclear what caused the outage.

On the website reports the hospital that it has been difficult to reach both digitally and by telephone since Thursday morning. In an emergency, people should immediately call 112. All outpatient clinic appointments have been canceled due to the outage. The hospital writes that it is still unknown what exactly caused the malfunction. The hospital’s crisis team is trying to map out exactly what is going on.

Some departments will remain open. Patients who have an appointment for dialysis, oncology or the outpatient clinic for pregnant women can come as usual. The nuclear medicine department will also remain open. Opposite 1limburg A hospital spokesperson said that acute treatments can continue as usual. Patients who are or will be admitted can also be treated as usual.