Best Series of Each Streaming Plataform to Watch on 2022

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The year 2022 is knocking at the door and you still don’t know which series to watch in the new year? So check out the main releases of each streaming platform for 2022 and be surprised by the great productions.

For 2022 we can expect the release of good productions and the completion of some successful series such as Search Party and Ozark. Remember to refresh your phone and internet bundles to ensure that audiovisual quality everyone loves.

So, choose your series, prepare the popcorn and enjoy the tips that we have separated for you.


One of the best known platforms in the world, Netflix, will bring nostalgia, horror, murder and very interesting documentaries for the new year. Check it out!


With the release date for January 5, 2022, the great hit Mexican series, Rebelde, is back and with a new face, with renewed cast, but without losing the drama so marked in the series.

In the same theme as the novel written by Pedro Damián, the new version will be based on the story Rebelde Way, by Cris Morena. In 2018, Netflix purchased the rights to the plot that accompanies the Elite Way School boarding school. The college only accepts upper class students.

According to the official description of the series, Batalha das Bandas is the biggest musical event of the prestigious Elite Way School, whose director is the brilliant former student Celina Ferrer (Estefanía Villarreal). To win, competitors must deliver everything on stage.

Archive 81

Released January 14, 2022, Archive 81 will rock its structures. In this serie, we follow archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who takes on a job restoring damaged 1994 videotapes.

While reconstructing director Melody Pendras’ (Dina Shihabi) documentary, he becomes involved in the investigation she started the respect of a violent sect in the Vissar building. As we follow two timelines, we see the two characters form a mysterious connection.

Dan is obsessed with finding out what happened to Melody 25 years ago and believes he can save her from the sad end. The series is a supernatural horror and was inspired by the popular podcast of the same name.


The Byrdes and their teenage children, Charlotte and Jonah, are, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary family with an ordinary life. Except for the work of Marty, a Chicago financial adviser who is also the top money launderer for Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel.

When things get bad, Marty must get his family out of the skyscrapers of Chicago and move with them to Missouri’s bucolic Ozark Lakes region.

The fourth and final season of the Ozark series is set for release on January 21, 2022. This season will end the story of the family that finds itself in grave danger because the patriarch and protagonist Marty launders money for a Mexican drug cartel.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

This miniseries starring Kristen Bell hits the platform on January 28, 2022 with new reflections and is sure to be one of the best and funniest new shows to come in 2022.

Kristen Bell stars in the limited series as Anna, a heartbroken woman who drinks wine and watches the world pass by from the comfort of her own home. Just when she starts to find a way out of her humdrum existence, Anna witnesses a murder…or so she believes.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, in turn, brings productions with reflective and informative content, as well as a good dose of history to complete. Look!

As We See It

Showing that inclusive protagonists, fortunately, are here to stay, As We See It debuts on the January, 21st of the service.

Starring a group of young friends who are on the autistic spectrum, the series promises to show the difficulties encountered by them to live experiences, joys and problems typical of this stage of life.

The performances seem to be impeccable and it is worth remembering that other recent productions that address this same theme, such as Atypical, have done well, showing real problems faced by these people, without romanticizing or making the discussion shallow.

It’s really worth keeping an eye out!

The boys

The Boys works as a great satire on comics, movies and superhero series. We see super-powerful beings clearly based on the characters from DC and Marvel, but with a twist: they aren’t exactly “heroes”.

Each of them has human defects, while some are purely psychopaths. In the meantime, a group of vigilantes seeks to end these heroes, who are sponsored and are in charge of the great corporation Vought.

Several episodes from Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video production will be devoted to telling more details about the history of Vought International, the company behind the group of heroes headed by Homelander (Antony Starr).

Season three is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.


Scheduled for release in February 2022, the series follows the story of Jack Reacher, an ex-military man who recently entered civilian life. Called on to solve the mysterious case of a sniper who killed five people in Indiana, he suspects someone is trying to undermine his investigation.

Reacher’s first season is based on Dirty Money, the first novel in a series of books written by Lee Child about the character. The television adaptation was done by Nick Santora (Prison Break), who is also an executive producer and acts as showrunner for the series.

In addition to Santora, the series is executive produced by Lee Child, Don Granger and Scott Sullivan.

Disney +

Disney + adds interesting documentaries for those who want to know how the super productions of heroes movies work and also brings more knowledge with other documentaries. Check out!

Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye

For those of you who love documentary, you’ll love this tip. Disney has announced the release of another episode of Assembled for January 19, 2022.

Each series special takes you behind the scenes of Phase Four movies or series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), with the creators exploring the process of creating each movie or series.

In other words, if you are also into hero movies and are curious about how they are made, this is a great option.

Vets On The Beach

Another interesting option for documentary lovers is Vets on The Beach, originally produced by National Geographic and which airs January 19, 2022 with 2 seasons available.

The series is about four veterinarians from across Australia who come together to share their passion for animals.

No day is common for these dynamic veterinarians off the coast of Australia as they handle cases like no other. Adorable pets face big problems-from a dog with a hook stuck in his tongue to acupuncture for a spinal injury.

But pets aren’t the only patients in question. Older elephants, orphaned kangaroos and sick kangaroos also need the attention of these superstar veterinarians.

Star Wars: The Book Of Boba Fett

The serie “The Book of Boba Fett” is the surprise series within the Jedi universe and has been released now, on December 28, 2021, promising to be a great option to watch in the new year.

The Book of Boba Fett tells the journey of legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) after his reintroduction in The Mandalorian.

In addition to Morrison and Ming-Na Wen, the series also features sporadic guest appearances by Pedro Pascal, who reprises his role as Din Djarin.

HBO Max Promo

Finally, HBO Max Promo brings news, sequels and the end of successful series, such as Search Party. Look!


Almost 3 years after the arrival of the first season, Euphoria is back on January 9, 2022 with the second on thoptv from greenhatfiles.

Euphoria stars Zendaya, who plays Rue, a chemically dependent teenager struggling with addiction. Around her, we meet more characters as complex as her, who transform the original HBO plot into a heavy, intense and reflective young production.


Scheduled for release on Jan. 13, 2022, the Peacemaker series features John Cena reprising his role from the movie Suicide Squad: The controversial Peacemaker. A figure determined to achieve peace, no matter how many people he has to kill.

In the plot, the character is summoned by an improvised government task force, without Amanda Waller’s consent, to try to stop a threat that puts the lives of many at risk.

In addition to his patriotic duties, the Peacemaker will also need to resolve his relationship with his father (Robert Patrick), an extremely cold and dishonest man.

Search Party

The fifth and final season of Search Party is scheduled for January 7, 2022. The plot revolves around a small group of New York hipsters, who always seek to be in fashion, but this obsession drags them into dangerous situations, making them suspects and even victims of crimes.

The cast is fronted by Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development”), John Reynolds (“Stranger Things”), John Early (“The Artist of Disaster”), Meredith Hagner (“Younger series”) and Brandon Micheal Hall (“God Me Added”).


The new year 2022 brings many new features in the world of streaming platform series, which promise a great deal of emotions. However, ensure a great Dsl internet service or phone and internet buldles to watch the series you love so much without crashes.

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