Amplitude Studios will release its first expansion for Humankind this fall

Humankind will receive its first expansion this fall: Together We Rule. The expansion expands the diplomacy systems and adds agents to the 4X title. With the release of the expansion, Amplitude Studios will also release a free update for the base game.

Amplitude Studios announces the expansion in a trailer, but doesn’t show much in it. on the community forum the developer says that Together We Rule is adding a new unit to the game called Agents. These agents act as spy or diplomat. With the new resource leverage, players will soon be able to exert diplomatic pressure on other civilizations. The game also gets a kind of United Nations in the form of the Congress of Humankind.

In addition to these new gameplay elements, the cultures are also expanded. These are the Sumer, Han, Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots and Singaporeans. In addition, new natural and cultural wonders will be added to the game, although Amplitude Studios is not yet naming exactly which ones.

In the free update to be released with the expansion, Amplitude Studios adds improvements to the stealth system, among other things. This update should also make it possible to lend your armies to friendly nations as reinforcements.