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L’Oréal works with Facebook: virtual make-up testing

What do you get when you combine make-up with technology? A collaboration between L’Oréal and Facebook apparently. L’Oréal is going to apply Augmented Reality to let users test virtual make-up.

L’Oréal and Facebook

Make-up can only be tested by smearing it on your face. Yet you do not always do this in the store, and often you want to test several make-up products. L’Oréal wants people to be able to see better in advance how certain lipstick or eyeshadow on the skin looks. That is why they have launched an Augmented Reality platform that allows you to test virtual lipstick and eyeshadow on your face. The make-up brand works with Facebook for this.

L’Oréal also hopes to get a boost in social media networks and online sales. L’Oréal has been working on beauty tech for some time. They have bought tech company Modiface and a number of beauty apps are also supported with technology.


Eventually the AR will be available on Instagram. It is not yet known when the option is exactly available. Make-up of subsidiaries Lancome, NYX, Urban Decay and Yves Saint Laurent will be first. At first only lipstick and eyeshadow, but later also foundation.

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