Logitech will release laptop dock with speakerphone this winter for 399 euros

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In the winter, Logitech will release the Logi Dock, a laptop docking station with built-in speakerphone for working from home. The dock supports Teams, Google Meet and Zoom for video calling and can charge a laptop. The Logi Dock should cost 399 euros.

The dock has five USB ports, including two USB-A ports on the back, two USB-C ports on the back, and a USB-C port on the side. The dock supports dual displays via HDMI and DisplayPort and features Bluetooth and a Kensington Security lock. The docking station can also charge a laptop with a 100W charger. As a result, only one cable needs to run to the laptop, the rest runs through the Logi Dock.

Logitech designed the Logi Dock especially for working from home, because the dock combines the functions of video calling, a USB hub, dongle and charging. The Logi Dock works with the Logi Tune app, an app for controlling and customizing Logitech devices. That app will get calendar integration later this month, allowing the Logi Dock to notify you when a meeting is about to begin. A meeting can then be started by pressing the central button on the dock. With the buttons on top you can mute the sound, turn the camera on and off and end the meeting. The dock features LEDs for silent notifications.

Logitech also says that the microphones in the dock are equipped with noise canceling so that during a conversation only the voice of the speaker can be heard, without background noise. It should also be easy to switch between the Logi Dock and a Zone Wireless headset or Zone True Wireless earphones. The docking station is available in two different colors, grey-black and white. The gray-black only works with Microsoft Teams. The Logi Dock works with macOS and Windows.

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