Logitech sells renewed MX518 mouse in Benelux for 60 euros

Logitech announced a few months ago that it is re-releasing the wired MX518 mouse and sales in the Benelux have now started. The updated version of the previously popular mouse costs 60 euros.

The MX518 has not changed in terms of ergonomics and shape compared to the original MX518, although a number of innovations have been made under the skin. The black-grey color scheme is also unchanged and the same applies to the eight buttons present, which are programmable. According to Logitech, new materials have been used. The new version had been on sale for the American market for some time. The MX518 can be ordered via the Logitech webshop or via the MediaMarkt.

Underneath, a lot has changed. For example, the mouse has the Hero 16K sensor, which is also in the G502 Hero, for example. This sensor has a resolution of 16,000 dpi. When the original MX518 came out in 2005, it didn’t go beyond 1800dpi. The new version also gets a 32-bit arm processor, which should lead to a response time of 1ms. The MX518 also has a built-in memory with which profiles and preferences can be stored separately from the computer.