Firmware Update: Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter 2.0.3

Ubiquiti Networks has released version 2.0.3 of the firmware for the EdgeMax EdgeRouters. The EdgeRouters are characterized by extensive setting options, but require some network knowledge to get it running properly. Also, not all settings can be adjusted via the gui and you will therefore have to start via the command line. The list of changes looks like this:

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  • [!Offloading] – Fix regression in v2.0.1 that caused random reboots of ER-X/ER-X-SFP and EP-R6 routers when hwnat offloading was enabled. Discussed here -> here and here
  • [!Offloading] – Fix regression in v2.0.1 that caused random filesystem corruption and failure to boot of ER-X/ER-X-SFP and EP-R6 routers when hwnat offloading was enabled.
  • [WebGUI] – Fix regression in v2.0.0 when ping in WebGUI did not work.
  • [WebGUI] – Fix bad eth9 interface in Basic Setup Wizard on ER-X and ER-4.
  • [WebGUI] – Add checkbox to toggle IPv6 functionality from WebGUI
  • [WebGUI] – Fix bug that caused WebGUI/UNMS to become inactive if aggressive network scanners opens lots of unauthorized sessions
  • [QoS] – Fix bug in v2.0.1 that caused Qdisc to be configured on all ER-X interfaces.
  • [Firewall] – Fix bad firewall rules when MSS clamping is configured.
  • [Firewall] – Fix regression in v2.0.0 that caused firewall section to disappear if rule had TCP_UDP protocol assigned to HTTP port.
  • [FlowAccounting] – Fix netflow daemon crash if WAN interface is down for more than 1 minute.
  • [Interface] – Fix bug when rx/tx counters of switch-port interfaces were not updated on ER-X/ER-X-SFP and EP-R6 models.
  • [Interface] – Fix regression in v2.0.0 when statically configured IPv6 addresses on ER-8-XG were missing after reboot
  • [OpenVPN] – Fix regression in v2.0.0 when client-specific options were ignored.
  • [Bonding] – Fix bug when bonding did not pass traffic if switch-port interfaces are used on ER-12.
  • [QoS] – Now transit packets will automatically bypass offloading if netflow or qos or suspend are configured
  • [IPv6] – Fix IPv6 bug when address auto-configuration for VLAN interfaces did not work when enabled.
  • [IPv6] – Fix regression in v2.0.0 when radvd did not work correctly when multiple router-advert were configured.
  • [MDNS] – Fix bug when mdns service did not start if VTI interface was configured.
  • [Routing] – Fix bug when static route sometimes was not restored when nexthop address became reachable
  • [CLI] – Fix Perl error message when running “clear dhcp lease ip …” CLI command.
  • [TechSupport] – Fix bug when tech-support file was truncated if flow-accounting was configured
  • [TechSupport] – Add output of journalctl to tech-support file
  • [TechSupport] – Add runtime state of flow-accounting to tech-support file
  • [UNMS] – add support for configuring QoS and suspended clients via UNMS

Known issues:

  • Throughput degradation by 5-10% when comparing with v1.10.9 firmware with older kernel
  • ! IPsec and VLAN offloading on ER-X/ER-X-SFP and EP-R6 does not work
  • LoadBalancing sometimes fails to recover after switching to failover interface
  • Sometimes statistics in WebGUI is “freezing” and page refresh is needed in order to week it up
  • Sometimes DPI is reporting wrong rx/tx counters

Updated software components:

  • base-files 9.9+deb9u9
  • fping 3.15-1
  • dns-root-data 2019031302~deb9u1
  • libpam-systemd:mips 232-25+deb9u11
  • libssh2-1:mips 1.7.0-1+deb9u1
  • libsystemd0:mips 232-25+deb9u11
  • systemd 232-25+deb9u11
  • tzdata 2019a-0+deb9u1
  • udev 232-25+deb9u11

Version number 2.0.3
Release status Final
Website Ubiquiti Networks Community
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)