Logitech and Ericsson leave Russia

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Logitech and Ericsson are phasing out their Russian activities. Both companies already suspended their activities after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, now they say they are going to leave. Dell also announced this weekend that it had stopped in Russia.

The companies say to Reuters to wind down their Russian activities in the coming months and eventually leave the country. The telecom company sent its staff on paid leave earlier this year. In Russia, about 400 people work for Ericsson. This company supplies, among other things, network equipment for mobile providers. Competitor Nokia announced in April that it would leave Russia.

Logitech said it would stop all deliveries in March. The company says it has monitored the situation since then “and unfortunately the circumstances do not allow us to continue doing business as before.” Due to the ‘continuing uncertain situation’, the company is therefore winding down the Russian activities. Dell said on Saturday told the news agency that stopped in Russia in August.

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