Snapchat feature lets users take Snaps with front and rear cameras at the same time

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Snapchat has introduced the Dual Camera feature, which allows users to take photos and videos simultaneously with their selfie and rear cameras. For example, users can film an action with the rear camera and record their facial expressions with the selfie camera.

Dual Camera appears as an extra icon in the camera toolbar, which also contains the flash settings, for example. The feature works with the four layouts vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture and cutout. With the vertical mode, for example, users can choose to film with the selfie camera how they throw a Frisbee and show this image on the bottom half of the screen. The top half shows how that frisbee hits a target, which is recorded with the rear camera.

With picture-in-picture, the image of the selfie camera appears as a circular pop-up and the image of the rear camera fills the rest of the screen. In cutout mode, the person seen in the front camera appears as a crop over the rear camera image.

Dual Camera will be available worldwide for iOS users starting Monday. Android support will follow “in the coming months.” The feature works in Snaps, Stories, and Spotlight. Snapchat isn’t the first social medium to combine rear and front camera images. BeReal has been doing this for a long time, for example.

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