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Lizard Bikes develops a sporty and foldable electric bike

The Irish Lizard Bikes wants to market an electric bike that looks different from most electric bikes. The 'Lizard Street bike' is meant for 'the streets of the world' and has a sporty look. You can also fold the bike so that you can easily take it with you.

For the Lizard Street bike a crowdfunding project has been set up on Kickstarter with which 80,000 euros has to be collected. On Kickstarter you can order the bike from 2,922 euros. The detachable battery of the Lizard Street bike would be good for a range of about 70 km and can be charged in five hours via the supplied charger.

The maximum speed of the bike is 25 km / hour and the steering wheel is a display processes where you can read the speed. The Lizard Street bike includes seven gears, front and rear brakes, a suspended front and rear fork, a USB port for charging your phone and a front LED light that you can switch on and off via the control panel on the steering wheel. Optionally, a GPS tracker will also be available.

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