Linux version of Microsoft Edge reaches beta phase

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Microsoft has promoted the Linux version of Edge to the Beta Channel. This brings the browser closer to a final release. The beta version gets a major update every six weeks. Since the end of last year, Edge for Linux was already available in the Dev Channel.

The Linux version of Edge reached beta about six months after the browser’s first preview version appeared. Microsoft released it at the end of October last year. Until now, the browser was available through the less stable Dev Channel, with updates being added weekly.

Users who download the beta version are currently getting Edge 91. The same version is currently in the beta channel for Windows and the final version should be released at the end of May, but whether that also applies to the Linux version is unknown.

The Linux version of Edge doesn’t have the exact same functionality as the Windows and macOS versions yet, but Microsoft has been adding more and more features over the past few months. Last month, the Linux version gained support for Microsoft accounts, allowing users to sync the browser on Linux with their Edge installation on other devices.

Edge for Linux is available on the Microsoft Insider website as a build for Debian and Ubuntu and as a build for Fedora and openSUSE.

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